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The detection is correct. You use StatCounter for analytical purposes, however, their website was hacked and instead of a legitimate analytical script counter.js it now servers JS/CoinMiner.BS.

You should temporarily remove the code related to StatCounter until they fix the breach and replace the script with a clean one.

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I have just spoken to Statcounter, and they are blatantly denying all knowledge of this hack. Every website I own, which is a lot, that has the Statcounter code on is showing the error on the attached image:



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Hi I am Rory with the Statcounter team.  We are investigating this issue right now. 

I have installed the eset security program and visited sites with Statcounter where people say we are injecting bad scripts.  I see no warnings or errors from the Eset program.  I have also used Google Safebrowsing tool to scan these sites and it reports no problems.  I have tried other sites which scan for malware and they also report no problems.

I have a special test page which only loads Statcounter.  On this page Eset also gives no error or warning and when I check the network traffic there is nothing being loaded except Statcounter.

If Statcounter was hacked and inserting bad scripts I should see it on my end also since I have Eset installed.  But this is not the case.  So this clue tells us perhaps something else is going on.

Kind regards,
Statcounter Team

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Another reply from Statcounter on this situation:


Hi and thanks for your patience. I have installed Eset and visited your site and others where people say this problem happens. Eset gives me no warning or popup of any kind. Here is a screen shot showing me at your site with Eset open and all security features enabled:

(removed but it was an image of my website, and did not show any virus, etc)

I have also tested your site using the Google Safe Browsing tool and it reports no problems with your site or Statcounter. I have also tested your site in 2 other tools which do security checks and they report nothing. If you wish to double check my results here are the tools I used:




We will continue to investigate this and try to figure out why Eset was showing this warning. All things considered if there was a problem I should see the same Eset warning and the marlware checking sites should have reported something. However this is not the case.

Thanks for your patience!


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PS: I think they may have solved this now, and the pop up is not showing anymore.?


I spoke too soon, seems it is fixed on websites with Statcounter wordpress plugins, but not for websites that are using direct Statcounter html code!


Update: It now seems this has been fixed. A little strange though that a business the size of Statcounter, with millions of users,  were not aware of the situation, but hopefully that has now completely eradicated the problem.


Thank you to Eset, who I have used for years, and always been pleased with their product and service, and thank you to Statcounter for being open to investigation when situations like this arise. .





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