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How to prevent incoming CEO Fraud Mails?

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8 minutes ago, Joe-ESET2016 said:


is it possible to "prevent" CEO FRAUD"Mails?

I mean incoming Mails to the finance department with Sender-Adress *@own-customer-domain.com ... 

Thx in Advance!

Best Regards

You could add the domain in your anti-spam blocklist https://support.eset.com/kb5956/?locale=en_US&viewlocale=en_US

Or if you are a client that is running Outlook and receiving spam , you can mark the message/sender as SPAM and then you can send the email and the message to samples@eset.com so you can report it and have ESET block it from their side

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You can create a transport rule with conditions:
From header - address contains one of {list of your domains}
Sender's IP address is not one of {list of your IP addresses}

If you wish to limit this rule to the finance department, then add a condition:
Recipient's organizational units and select corresponding OUs

and actions:
Log to events
Reject message/Drop message/Quarantine message

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