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Flood of 'Get path from vnode failed' console messages

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I have ESET Cyber Security (for Mac) installed on a 2008 Mac Pro running Mountain Lion 10.8.3


I have noticed that immediately after booting there is a flood (as in hundreds) of messages from the ESET software in the console as follows:


06:34:21 kernel: EV: ESET OnAccess module for MAC OS X: 'Get path from vnode failed' at line: 3477 dt:000005599[ns]

06:34:21 kernel: KAUTH: unable to get path for vp 0xffffff803ea50550 (err=2)


This pair of messages is repeated over and over again with just the 'dt' value in the first line and what looks like an address in the second line changing (i.e. the bits I highlighted).


Any idea what's going on? Is the ESET Cyber Security software having a problem that needs addressing? Are there paths/files on my Mac that it can't access?


Many thanks for any ideas.

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It likely has something to do with the initial backup process in Time Machine and the ESET startup scan. The end of this post on Wilders explains how one person resolved this issue.

You may also want to add the backup process and TimeMachine.app as exclusions to your scanner. This KB Article addresses a scan hanging issue but the errors you're getting may be resolved by following the same steps.

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I made the changes recommended (excluding the Time Machine volume and application) and the console messages have stopped. Many thanks for the tip!

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