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ESET replication and licensing question

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We have two ESET servers that are replicated up to a central server.


There is a client # variance which is affecting our decision on how many more licenses to purchase.


For example on one server it shows 78 clients are installed, however on the head-end server it reads 68.


My best guess is that the head-end server doesn't take into account clients that haven't checked in for a while?


I noticed that if the client hasn't checked in for over 2 weeks then it is not on the list.


Let me know, is this correct if you would.





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   The count that is determined by the Eset Remote Administrator is determined from the number of clients listed. That list (based on your ntoes) is set to clear old connections every two weeks. By default, this is set to 6 months. If the clients are cleared due to inactivity, then theyw ont show in the count for the head server (or child server, if the settings reflect that). To resolve this, you will want to access the settings for each of the servers and ensure that the timeframe is set to a value that will allow you to keep clients in the list that may not have connected but will reconnect but AT THE SAME TIME make sure that clients that are not going to connect are dropped (or cleaned up). Again, 6 months is the default.


To access these settings, open the remote administrator console and click on Tools>Server options. Click on the Avanced settings tab and next advanced settings button (the only button available). Expand out Remote Administrator>ERA Server>Settings>Server Maintenance>Time interval cleanup>Clients log cleanup and set the numeric value and the base value (6 and months will clean up machines that have not connected for 6 months) to the appropriate value for your scenario (the number discussed earlier in this message). Ensure that you have it uniform across all three servers to ensure that at any time your client count will match.


Once all the machines check in again you will have a value on the machines that add up and make proper sense.



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  • Former ESET Employees

Hi @joecoo1025,


It's been a few days now and we wanted to check in and see if your issue has been resolved and if so, whether the above answer was helpful.


If the issue still exists, we'd love to continue assisting you.


If the issue is resolved but the above answer was not the solution, please reply and let us know how you were able to resolve the issue. Hopefully this will help others who may have the same issue.



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