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ESS 7 Won't scan

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Just installed the latest version of ess 7 and set it to do in-depth c drive scan. The scan lasted 2 seconds max and scanned 5 items max after running it 5 times or more. Any ideas as to why it isn't scanning; I've been using eset since 4 and never a problem before, thanks.


Sorry I posted in wrong section.

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Hello sgmdew,


Normally i would say check your scan options for Smart Optimization. However we had a recent user that had the same issue and only a reinstall was the resolution.


Are you aware ESS begins with a First scan that is approx. 10 min after you install. Check inside your scheduler under tools.

Did it run & were you able to see it?

First scan has Smart Opt.

Smart Opt will make future scans quicker however 2 seconds is strange.

Are you manually selecting your scan targets for the in-depth scan?


I would try a reinstall and report back your findings here. :)

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Re-install appears to be answer since a repair install did not work and the first scan was maybe 10 sec and didn't really scan anything. The logs indicate that only boot sectors, memory, and recycle bins are getting checked. Thanks

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