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Leftover Remote Administrator Agent after update to 7.0

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After upgrading an appliance to 7.0 with pull database feature, some agents were updated with the appropriate task. It works fine, except that some agents are left with both versions of the agent (see atrtached file). Have seen this on server 2008 R2 to 2016 and Windows 10 as well.

On many others, we do not have the issue.

As the programe folder is the same, there is not way to uninstall version 6.5 of agent, it generates an error.

Any idea ?


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Just now, Gonzalo Alvarez said:


You can use ESET Uninstaller to remove the old agent, see link: https://support.eset.com/kb2289/



I know it and it works, but we are Service Provider and I have the issue on many servers of the test base I made, I cannot afford to do this (safe mode reboot, script and manual reinstall) on hundreds of servers. Do you know if the issue is only the entry in Add/Remove programs and we can remove it from registry or will it cause issues with next agent updates ? I saw the double agents also shows in ESET as you can see in attached picture, but I assume it's here because it's present in the Add/Remove programs list of the computer ?




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