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Eset Smart Security 7 blocking network file sharing?

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I seem to be having an issue with my network where I cannot browse my own PC's (PC with Eset SS 7 installed) from other PC's on my WLAN network. I have a total of 3 PC's connected to this WLAN network in which I share files between and print etc.
One of the three PC's use Avast and the other uses Kaspersky as an antivirus program. Accessing those PC's with my main PC (Where Eset is installed) always works without any issues but the moment I try to browse shared files from my main PC from those 2 PC's then I am unable to, I get an error message saying that the network directory I am trying access does not exist but the moment I disable Eset then the problem is gone.
Keep in mind that I've been having this issue for 3 years where sometimes I able to access my main PC from the other 2 PC's and sometimes (most of the time) I cannot. I had Eset installed on the first two PC's but then all the PC's on the network were unable to share files via WLAN network.

I have read a particular article showing Eset users how to go about fixing network issues by enabling a few features and by enabling interactive firewall which as you know pops up alot.
Is there any alternative to fixing this issue without having interactive firewall enabled?


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First of all, make sure the IP addresses of the other computers are in the Trusted zone in which sharing is enabled. Shouldn't this be the case, carry on as follows:

- enable logging of blocked connections in the IDS setup

- clear the firewall log

- try to access a share on the computer from another machine

- stop the logging

- copy & paste the firewall log here with information which IP address belongs to which device

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