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ESET SysRescue Live - how to create one with m.2 pci-e nvme detecting capability? [uefi/gpt/windows secure boot]

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Recently, I'm having a trouble with some nasty malware [cryptocurrency miner with a nasty rootkit base], and I'd need to use  ESET SysRescue Live. Problem is, ESET doesn't provide the creation tool anymore [for what reason?] and when I used rufus, I used both fat32/mbr and fat32/gpt setting, I wasn't able to boot in non-CMS [uefi/windows secure boot] mode. Only in legacy. And when I boot in legacy, the  ESET SysRescue Live doesn't see any of my two Samsung 960 Pro/Evo drives.

Could some of You guys advise me, on how to create ESET SysRescue Live bootable in UEFi/GPT mode? [Windows Secure Boot].

Thank You!

With kind regards


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10 hours ago, Marcos said:

Unfortunately, this is not currently possible:



Greetings sir Marcos and up front, thank You for Your super fast reply!

Hmm, so is there any chance to scan m.2 NVMe SSD drives with ESET SysRescue? In Legacy BiOS mode?

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