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Client Tasks - Access Groups?

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Hi all,

I wanted to created a procedure and policy for agent and endpoint decommissioning that my regional users who all have different home groups can use.

First I created a static group for servers and computers, then I created and linked very basic agent and endpoint policies to these static groups. These policies strip away passwords for setup access and agent access that I do not want my regional helpdesk users to know.

My logic here is then grant my regional helpdesk users rights to move agents into these static decommissioning so they can uninstall and decommission endpoints as and when needed...

Problem I am finding is I cannot move more than one uninstall task into a static group folder...we use a mixture of EES and EEA so I have two tasks I need to be available to these decommissioning static groups users...


I created the uninstall task for EEA and moved it into the workstations group.



I then created the uninstall task for EES but it seems I get this error when trying to move it to the workstations group?



Is there a way around this? Can you not have more than one task assigned to a group for access?


As always, thanks in advance,


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Create custom static group named "shared tasks", assign those tasks to that static group. Then, create new permission groups where using client tasks from that static group is allowed...and assign users to that permissions group.

No access typically shows up when its assigned to something for example dynamic group.

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