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False Alarms JS/Adware.Agent.AA

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Please, what is up with all of these false alarms. It feels Like Eset has joined the bunch to use pop continuously to show that they are working. These websites are fine. I tested with Kaspersky and with bitdefender and they have no issues with the same sites!!!. I am so fed up with this as ESET is doing nothing to alleviate this massive issue. I don't even want to use this any longer. I just bought a few years also. . Its bugging me all the time. ESPECIALLY ON CHROME. I have less problems using Mozilla, Same Websites also. Why Is this. Please don'y insult me trying to defend this. I've watched ESET doing this with others here. You have many customers that are furious about these false alarms.


FIx this please   JS/Adware.Agent.AA False alarms



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Spelling. I was upset typing this
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The detection is correct. The fact that other vendors do not detect it does not make the code benign.

Please provide the url (obfuscate http) on which the detection was triggered.

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