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Which AV for ESMC itself?

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In the line of Stallones advice in "The Specialist": "if you want to blow the place to pieces; you first take out the bomb squad" the next question:

Is it necessary to protect an ESMC Virtual Appliance? And which ESET AV product can I use?

I did not find any information about protecting the appliance with its own AV client, and if needed which client would i use? As far as I know it is running CentOS7 which is similar to RHEL. There are Linux packages for Debian,Fedora,Mandriva,Red Hat,Ubuntu and Suse, but CentOS is not specifically mentioned.
Before I mess things up by installing this package on the appliance I'd like some input....


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Fedora, CentOs, Oracle Linux are among those distribution developed around RedHat Linux and is a variant of RedHat Linux.

Hope that helps you.

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