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multipack installation

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I just bought Eset Smart Security multipack 4 licenses (1 year). I activated it and received the username and password.
I installed it on 3 computers. But the 4th is been repaired for now so I can't install it. This will take a few weeks.
Question: when I will finally get it repaired and install ESS, I will lose those weeks from my 1 year on that PC...? Or it will last a full year also?

Thank you.

Regards, David

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Hey David wellcome to the forum :-))

I am sorry David, but your license starts to count down for all 4 licenses when you activate your product.

Regards Janus

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My friend Janus speaks words of truth; so make sure you get them installed on the machines you required.

You also have the ability of purchasing lengthier contracts like 2 year and 3 year if you need longer. Just phone in to support and they will extend the license duration for you. :)

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