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activate licence on endpoint

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Hi all,

I have just been setup with a trial licence etc for ERA and 15 endpoints I have setup everything and it went ok with a few little hiccups. one question i have is I have inported the trial licences in to ERA but I can seem to get the end points to activate from ERA. I can do it on the end end point but I dont think thats the right way to do it,

am i missing something?


thanks in advance


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I would recommend:
- removing the licenses from ESMC
- creating an EBA account via eba.eset.com
- adding the license (and possible future licenses, e.g. for ESET Dynamic Threat Defense) to EBA
- link your EBA account with ESMC in the EMSC License manager.

Afterwards you should be able to select a license when creating software install tasks.

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