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V7 Agent cannot be installed

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One of our clients running EEA V7 is no longer communicating with ESMC.

Long story short, I have manually uninstalled EEA and the V7 Agent. EEA has uninstalled but the Agent claims it cannot be uninstalled due to permissions.

Using MSCONFIG, I have disabled the Agent service, rebooted, then removed the Agent folder from Program Files. I have also removed all traces of EraAgentSvc from the registry, but the ESET Management Agent service still appears in the list of Windows services.

The Agent will not reinstall, it claims I don't have permissions!!!

Other than format the PC and start over, I don't know what else I can do?

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When you see permissions error while uninstalling agent,just reboot the PC and uninstall.

At this stage please use ESET uninstaller from safe mode to remove all the traces,reboot to normal mode and reinstall

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