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Future changes to ESET Cloud Administrator

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The goal of this message thread is to provide ESET with specific feedback on changes and new features you would like to see in future versions of ESET Cloud Administrator. Please use the following format when providing feedback:

Description: A very specific one line description of your feedback.

Detail: A more detailed explanation of your feedback. Please feel free to make this any length, but be sure to use terms everyone can understand. If your suggestion is an extension or update to an existing discussion, please include a link to it in your message.

Here is an example:

Description: Management Agent for Chrome OS

Detail: In our company we run a lot of Chromebooks. In order to incorporate them in our reports and policies and to get an overview and some level of control over them, we would like to manage them from ECA as well.

You are welcome to discuss the merits of each and every suggestion, but keep your comments on topic, concise and thoughtful. There are other parts of the forum to discuss issues.

NOTE: When making your requests do not make general statements such as "better GUI". If you have a specific feature or functionality you would like to see added (or improved) please post it here, but general requests to "make things better" are not helpful because they do not give ESET detailed enough information. Thank you for your understanding.

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I've JUST started going through the documentation, after my test client/agent installs were completed, and haven't seen any of this in the documentation:

1. two factor authentication.
2. ability to use other servers (vs being assigned to 1, and not changeable), for redundancy if one... drops.




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  1. As ESET Business Account is used as "identity provider" and "authentication service" you can enable 2FA within business account settings.
  2. Back-end architecture of ESET Cloud Administrator is designed in a way, that it´s fully backed-up and redundant. Meaning that despite you set a location you belong to, unless the entire data-center goes down, service will be available). I will check, whether a cross-data-center backup is planned.

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