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Cobalten.com infection?


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Hi everyone. I'm new here so hopefully this thread is in the right place.

At my work we have been having our website updated and for the past month when we visit the site to check on how the updates are doing our NOD32 antivirus is blocking pop-ups coming from cobalten.com. All well and good that it is doing it's job but it shouldn't have to do that in the first place. The pop-up only appears when viewing our website and seems to only appear when accessing through Google or a couple of other search engines - type the address directly into the address bar or go via Bing or Yahoo and no pop-up. We have contacted our web developer about this and he seems to thing that this is due to an infection of our system. However I have tried this on my personal home computer and also via my mobile (android) and they also suffer from the same pop-ups, and a client on a totally different system also had problems with these pop-ups. It seems to have started after he began working on our website (although we couldn't say for certain).

So is the developer right? Is this an infection on our system, or as I suspect something coming from his side? I don't see how it can be our infection as it only affects viewing our website, and only our website. Surely otherwise we would be getting these pop-ups left right and centre on anything we viewed online.

The NOD32 software has run scans since the problem started and no sign of malware has been found on our computers.

Any help would be most appreciated.

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Refer to this procedure for disputing Eset detections: https://forum.eset.com/topic/14009-how-do-i-report-a-false-positive-or-whitelist-my-software-with-eset/

When I tried to access the URL in question, I received a "Potentially Unwanted Content" alert. This is an optional Eset setting the user manually activates. The user also has the option to override this alert and proceed to the web site if they so chose to do so.

Eset's definitions for potentially unwanted software are contained in this knowledge base article: https://support.eset.com/kb2629/

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