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Why don't you see NOD32 amongst the best AVs?

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Good day Tweak,

you have to have a vast knowledge of marketing and business degree, neither of which i know well or care to....

However, there are a few things i can ascertain about the market.


1. Regarding the site you posted, and some of the others, may require payment to have your software entered into the testing lineup and to be broadcasted across the web for all to see.


2. ESET has always been a more conservative company; not interested in following in line behind some of the more major vendors like McAfee and Symantec, which have different market strategies to promoting product.


3. I noticed it wasnt until more recent ESET started to have their logo posted on other sites and the word of mouth tactic has started to really grow, due to ESET putting more money into research and development, than into market advertisement. ESET's Affiliate program is really starting to take off, and i imagine they have a high account base in that program.


It is my belief that no matter which review ESET turns up in, it will always be at the very top.

While it is clear to most, ESET is among the best; in conclusion to your question and post, i feel that ESET will not be in many of those reviews and they will let their product speak for themselves and its great name.

Customer opinions and feedback has always been good, and ESET strives to fix the issues or programs that may arise for customers.


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Thanks Tweak

I appreciate the posts and ability you have to create different angles of viewing the software.


Also, keep in mind, some of my reply are best guess, and not official ESET response.

They reserve the right to delete my posts, correct me when im wrong, and add in official reply on certain subjects topics etc.

I am simply here to try and help, including lightening the load on some of the staff, as well as the growing borderline hobby this has become for me.


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