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Server Offline Activation and Micro Updates

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Dear All,

A client requested for the activation of his server  which is not on a domain or network and not having internet access,i proposed the use of offline license for activation and micro update for update

But don't know how to go about the micro updates

He requested for purchase and charges of the micro updates

Please kindly advise 

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Micro PCU (uPCU) updates are intended for upgrading the program from ESET's repository. Are the servers are completely offline or it's possible they could connect through another machine running HTTP Proxy? If that's not an option, then you could create an offline mirror using an ESET Endpoint or server product on a machine with Internet connection and make it accessible to the offline server (e.g. via a local http server or by transferring the mirror content, e.g. via a USB flash disk).

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