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AV 6.6 deployment over ERA 6.5 with a XML config

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Hello all,

after getting no answer from the support, I try here my luck.

We have an old server with ERA v5 and a new one with ERA v6.5

Right now, I want to upgrade all Clients with an old installation of Endpoint AntiVirus v5 to v6.

Works pretty good, but after the update, only the server ip is not included in the config, so the AV wants to connect to the old ERA v5, and not to the new one.

How can I put the Server IP inside the XML config?

If that´s not possible, can I push the IP adress or is there another option?

Thanks for the help and have a nice weekend.




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If you haven't used ERA v6.5 for a longer time, I'd suggest installing or deploying (in case of VA) ESMC from scratch. Then you'll deploy agent v7 to clients with Endpoint v5 and v6 so that they report to ESMC. If you want to preserve the existing ERA v6.5 server and upgrade to ESMC later, do not deploy agent v7 but agent v6.5 to clients where needed (v7 agent cannot communicate with ERAS v6). When you decide to upgrade ERA to ESMC, after upgrading the server you'll simply upgrade agent on clients via an ESCM component upgrade task.

Note that as of ERA v6 it is agent that communicates with the ERA/ESMC server and not the Endpoint security product itself. Also in case of Endpoint v5, the agent will reconfigure the product to report to the agent on localhost and it will take care of further communication with the ERA/ESMC server.

As for changes in configuration, I'd suggest using a policy to change settings, if really needed.

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