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PCSL Security Solution Performance Review 2013 October

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Surprisinglly, ESET's Smart Security 7 is amongst the worst contenders when it comes to overall system impact. Totally owned even by the well known resource hogs


I felt it with every upgrade Eset does to their program, now it's simply unacceptable, but this confirms it:



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1, what problem with resource consumption after upgrading to v7 are you having?

2, I didn't notice any details about the methodology used for testing. Isn't it interesting that real-world users constantly confirm opposite experience than various "tests" show?

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I mean this in the most respective way; in an attempt to bestow experience.


With years of background in the industry, i know that buying a product solely from a series of tests, setup against a proprietary desktop customization, where many outside influences may be involved, would show a lack of common sense targeted at the PC buying market.

My question would be, are you using the same hardware and software that they are in the tests ? Not likely. Your hardware software installed may actually be different. To achieve this would be to buy the same equipment and decide to utilize that as your home/work PC.

The most intelligent play for deciding, would be to purchase or buy the one that installs on your own setup without conflict, runs and scans without decreasing performance, and generally fits your own environment.

Another reason companies like to implement trial versions for customers / clients.


When i assist or service a machine and security is involved, i sometimes have to really change configurations and create allow/block lists etc.

I have been down the road of installing and uninstalling different vendors products. " This is how you find out exactly which product is more efficient !" Consequently determining which is best.

Certainly not by this list from halfway across the world, cooked up by who has the bigger pocket books. :)


Majority of the time i use the tests for entertainment and some small comparison projects.

In my honest opinion real-world tests still trump the isolated controlled environment used in the secretive tests.




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I saw this test posted yesterday on Wilders.


But seriously, I have used ESET on the same computer that is now 10yrs old. And the performance from ESET is very similar now as it was back then when I tried out the very first BETA of ESS 3.0.


What this test tells me is that I would not be able to use ESET on this old PC without waiting ages and ages for things to happen. Do you really think that is the case and that I then would continue to use ESET, course not.


ESET would be a pain in the bum if these results were accurate.  :huh:

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