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Connected Home Monitor mis-indentifying my router

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I have just run a scan with the Connected Home Monitor and was alarmed to see a whole slew of warnings about threats and vulnerabilities relating to my router, many supposedly due to out of date firmware, but also including Malicious network redirection and Malware infection.

I have a Virgin Media Superhub 1, the firmware of which was updated on 24/01/17 (after the big hacking warning hit the national press) to V2.39.02. This is, as far as i can find out, the latest firmware update for my hardware (Virgin push out firmware updates themselves, there is no way of doing it yourself).

The Superhub 1 is a Netgear CG3101D; however, the Home Monitor identifies it as a Netgear VMDG485 - which is in fact a Superhub 2. So given that the Monitor software can't even tell what my hardware is, should I be giving any credence to these warnings?

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Hello @GaryP,

can you please provide me with the output from the scanning and complete packet capture during the router scan? i.e. start the capture before the scanning and stop it after you receive the results.

Once you have them, please send me a private message with download details with a reference to this topic.

Regards, P.R.

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