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Email protection by client plugins is non-functional & Protocol filtering is disabled

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Since upgrading to ESMC and v7 my servers constantly display these two security risks. I don't want either feature turned on for servers and would like to just disable the notification. I've looked in the policy setting for my servers under User Interface>Application Statuses, but these two applications are not listed in the File Security for Windows Server policy.

I do see the two application statuses in my Endpoint for Windows policy, but that policy is of course not applied to the servers.

How can I disable these notifications?

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Enabling / disabling email client protection does not make any difference in terms of resource consumption or stability; we recommend keeping it enabled even if you don't use email clients on the server. Anyways, you should be able to disable a particular application status notification under User interface -> Application statuses.

Protocol filtering should be always turned on as long as a computer is connected to the Internet. Even if you don't run browsers to browse the Internet on the server, web protection can save you if a malicious file or script happens to run; in such case it can stop further payload from being downloaded and run. Again, it's possible to disable that application status.

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Hi Marcos,

Thanks for the tip, but as stated I don't see those applications in the File Security for Windows Server policies:


They're listed under "WEB AND EMAIL" in my Endpoint policy, but they're not listed under any of those categories in the File Security policy.

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