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11.2.63 Bug - Eset Firewall Detected Insecure Rule

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Got that popup yesterday after in program upgrade to ver. 11.2.63. Looks like an old Eset bug has resurfaced. The rule Eset disabled was the default one to allow all access to equi.exe! Had this same thing happen in an earlier ver. of Eset IS; can't remember the ver. no.

The equi.exe default rule uses the following program specification, %InstallDir%equi.exe. That variable does not exist in either user or system environment settings. Should I just create a manual user to point to Eset directory in C:\Program Files?

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5 minutes ago, Marcos said:

assume that %InstallDir% is resolved by ekrn.exe itself which knows this information.

Well, I'll reenable the Eset default rule for equi.exe again. From the past experience, I believe the alert will keep appearing again sporadically.

-EDIT- I just noticed the Application field does indeed show C:\Program Files\Eset\Eset Security\equi.exe. So variable resolution is not the issue.

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