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Convert Lagacy Licenses and set up License Admin account for V7

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Currently run ERA 5 with legacy licenses. Looking to move everything to a V7 solution. A few questions

1. If i convert my 2 legacy licenses to a new key to use in V7, will the old legacy V5 continue to work along with the newly convert keys?

2. I need to create a Admin license account. I assume the email address user does not need to match the email address the license keys were sent to almost 3 years ago. I would like to just use an admin email address as it appears that this account info is used in the V7 console to link server with my existing licenses.

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1 - yes, without any problem

2 - I would recommend to create ESET Business Account (eba) at eba.eset.com. You van use whatever e-mail you want, it’s not limited to the license e-mail address. 

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