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Quarantine Mail security

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Hi, I have two exchange 2013 mailbox node in dag mode. I've installed ESET mail security 7.0.10019.0 on the active node, configure it and then activate eset cluster and Eset make installation on my second node (passive DB). All seems fine except the releasing of quanrantine email. If I release it on my active node, no problem, the email is released, but if I connect to my passive exchange server and go on the quarantine tab in the ESET mail security UI, when I try to release an email, I got an error "an error occurs when processing the request".

Is it normal that on passive node I can't release quarantine email?

Why I got difference in the two quarantine section, I don't have the same listing of quarantine email in both server. all my DB exchange is active on the same server.


Thanks for your help.

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