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ESET NOD32 will not nstall

Howard Mirkin

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I tried to install a purchased version of ESET NOD32 AV on a computer with Windows 7 Ultimate, but could not complete the installation. It seemed to be installing OK until I got tthis message: .


The Installation was Not Completed Successfully

Then I was told to run specialized cleaner and I did but it found nothing. So I tried to run the installation again but got the same error.  What causes this and what can I do tol get the program installed and if I cannot, how do I get a refund?

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See https://support.eset.com/kb3466/ for ELC instructions. If they are too large to send to Marcos via a PM (Personal Message), upload them to a cloud based service (such as OneDrive...etc) and then send Marcos the link via PM. To send a PM, just hover over Marcos's name and then select "Message".

Best regards.



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Not sure if this is the right place to post this.


Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit  

ESET NOD32 Antivirus

I worked around the issue by completely removing ESET and reinstalling it.  That worked.  Yesterday,  the computer was repaired (new mainboard installed and the OS reinstalled by a technician).  All was OK until I installed ESET and while I was sleeping, Windows installed updates and auto-rebooted. When I woke up I saw this error: but now I can't boot the laptop because I am getting a windows update error, i.e.

'Stage 3 of 3 Failure configuring windows updates Reverting Changes Do not turn off computer'. 

I have let this run for more than 4 hours, can see some hard drive activity, but nothing else happens.  I also tried booting in Safe Mode, but that did not fix the problem.


Since it is Sunday where I am the tech's repair facility is closed.

I looked around the web and saw that this could be an issue with ESET NOD43 AV.  Does anyone know of a fix and can give clear instructions how to get rid of this problem?





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I doubt it's caused by ESET. The communication with Windows Update servers is not filtered and HIPS should not block operations in automatic mode without custom rules either. You can try temporarily renaming ESET drivers (e.g. after booting the system from a usb flash) but I don't think that would help.

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