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Eset endpoint antivirus 7 language


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We install eset endpoint antivirus through a software deployment service and up until version 6, we were able to deploy the language that we needed by using the right installer (eea_nt64_fra.msi for french, for example).

It seems that for version 7, there is now only a single installer that contains all the supported languages.


Unfortunately, I can't find the command line switches that would allow us to choose language on install, and neither can I find a way to make a policy in ESMC to set the language.


Is there any way except by manually clicking through the installer to set the language?

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Hi Ed,

If you create a new all-in-one installer, one of the first options that pop up is a language option, in which you can choose what language you would like the installation to be.

That language is then reflected in the filename. For example, an installer with the English language option selected will have "en_US" at the end of the filename.

I hope this helps!

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Hi Kieran,

This does not completely solve our problems as we have a lot of clients, each with their license and ESMC servers, and creating an all in one installer would require us to install a unique package for all the clients, while we would like a generic installer which is customized by the agent

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