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File Server blocked since Windows Search has been activated

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We have a system composed of two servers :

Windows file server and domain controller (Windows 2012R2), with ESET File Security ;

Windows remote desktop server (Windows 2008 R2), with ESET Business ;

We have activated Windows Search services on both servers in july. Since then, we are regularly forced to reboot the file server due to application hang on the remote desktop server.

We've discovered that when we create a file in the main network share, a process "SearchProtocolHost.exe" - which is part of Windows Search - becomes unavailable. Windows Search then creates a new process, if necessary, the former remaining absolutly untouchable (impossible to kill it). The file created on the file server becomes unavailable either for a rename or anything else. We suspect a race condition conflict between ESET and Windows Search. 

We have disabled the "Live search" functionnality of ESET, and we have obtained a better stability. But we still encounter problems. We now have completly removed ESET... but it is not a good solution for us.

Are we perfectly alone to encounter such problems with Windows Search and ESET ?

Kind regards

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Dear Forum,

I've good news : the server has already hanged without ESET. The race condition occurs without antivirus. I must admit that Windows Search is flawed... I'll dig in into this direction. Sorry for the noise.

Kind regards

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