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Just another JS/Adware.Agent.AA Thread to make sure it's not ESET's fault

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Since the update on 30.08.18 I can't visit a certain website that I was using for a long time without any problem because of ESET's adware warning. So maybe my PC was infected a long time ago and now, that ESET is able to detect this threat, I should run a scan on my computer to clear it... hmm, nothing found...

Well ok, maybe the threat has just come up recently? But strangely enough, I find many people here that are bugged by the same problem (even a guy whose own website is said to be infected?!)..

I was just wondering: how long do you want to blame this issue on the sites? I mean its quite funny how stupid that sounds and I bet many of the people who have adressed this problem here are shaking their heads in disbelive right now.

If you don't fix this problem ASAP, I will leave ESET for sure!


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There is already another topic on this detection. The ads provider will need to take certain steps and cease providing PUAs, malware, etc. via ads. To prevent duplicate topics, we'll draw this one to a close.

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