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Creating All-in-one installer for Endpoint Security v7 fails with "Internal Server Error"

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What IP address of what server?

I'm trying to create a Live Installer, the repository is set to AUTOSELECT. It continually fails.

Also seems I can't deploy agents from ERA atm. Can't deploy Client Task / Software Installs.

So much is not working.

Just please fix it!

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Just to weigh in... I have turned off the proxy on a server that was causing issues. I'm located in WA. 

I can confirm that testing the installer all in one and making sure that only AUTOSELECT was selected it downloaded. Wasn't a rocket. But it did download.

ShaneDT did you try the Proxy?

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Do you have EMSC?

If so do the following:

  1. Login
  2. Click "More"
  3. Click "Server Settings"
  4. Expand "Advanced Settings"
  5. Input Proxy details as mentioned before

I use the Virtual Appliance downloaded straight from ESET website. Hyper V.

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  • ESET Staff

When we were mentioning IP, we meant the IP of your ERA / ESMC. It would be still helpful, so we can analyze server side (CDN side) logs, to check your connections. But glad to hear it’s working, but still it would be good for us to investigate possible issues to resolve them once and for all. Thanks. 

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Sorry for my intrusion. I also have this problem in Vietnam. Curiously, although still very slow, I can put the link found in trace.log in web browser and download without error.

I have just recommend my higher up to move on from Symantec. I am pulling my hair out for real here.

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