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Anti-Theft Questions on how it works

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I have some questions in regard to Anti-Theft on a windows 10 OS with EIS.

1-     When you enable Anti-Theft, do you have to enable windows location service or is locating the device done though ESET’s update path/servers.

2-   The user guide talks of having access to “photos and snapshots” from your online account. Am I correct in assuming these are items taken after a device would be reported missing.

I like to keep general web access to my location turned off; this is the reason for question 1.

I would not want any photos not related to a “theft” stored away from my PC is my reason for question 2.

I just want to check before engaging this service, I searched and could not these specific questions answered forgive me if I missed them

Thanks – ebill

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1, Since AT works also on older operating systems, I assume that the Win10 location services doesn't need to be enabled.
2, A photo is taken only when you run AT test or when you mark the device as missing in the AT portal.

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