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Eset Endpoint - restore to defaults


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Is there policy for restoring Eset Endpoint to default settings from ERA? Like this:



I have issues with modules update after update to clients to v6 and only this is working solution...

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  • ESET Staff

What kind of issues you are having? Also, did you update from older ERA V5 / Endpoint V5 setup?

And it is not possible to get default values. However, in case you have V7 Endpoint, after de-assignment of policies, settings should revert to the ones set before their application (in case of a clean install to defaults).

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  • Administrators

It looks just like an issue with a mirror. Setting a correct path to the mirror (providing that it was created properly for the given product) via a policy should fix it.

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We dont use mirror, but apache http proxy., but some clients cannot update modules:



On Workstation:


This happened after upgrade Eset v5->v6

After manually reseting settings to default in Eset on workstation, modules can be updated...

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