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Windows 10 Email app

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I'm posting this here because EIS is what I use.

I have asked this before and never really got a solid answer. 

Will ESET EVER support the Windows 10 email app? It's a very good app, integrated in the os and with solid capabilities. Is it even posible?

And if it's not posible (due to the way the app works or Eset not caring -you tell me-) does Eset Scan the traffic coming and going throug this app?

I have Live, Gmail and work accounts synced in there -I have an Office 365 suscription but Outlook SUCKS and it's interface is cluttered and outdated- and I need to be sure that incoming and outgoing emails are checked by Eset for viruses and other malicious content.


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ESET scans email received through POP3(S) and IMAP(S) regardless of the email client you use.

Windows 10 Mail runs sandboxed as far as I know and therefore the ESET plug-in cannot integrate into it.

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Thanks, Marcos.

I realize the plugin issue but, if it is sandboxed how does Eset scan what comes and goes? Do you have access to the ports but not to the app??

Any chance to work with Microsoft into integrating the Eset plugin or allowing it to integrate like they do with Office Outlook?

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