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Security Alert - Web and mail protocol filtering is non-functional


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I've been having some trouble with my PC lately and realized I could not open my NOD32 Antivirus. I uninstalled and reinstalled it hoping it might be able to find and squash anything I might have picked up, but I'm getting the messages:
"Anti-Phishing protection is non-functional. This functionality is not functional because other required program modules are not active."
"Web and mail protocol filtering is non-functional. The Protocol filtering engine could not be started and your computer is not protected against some internet threats. This is very dangerous and your computer should be restarted immediately."

It doesn't get much more clear or direct than that last line, but despite several restarts I receive the same messages. The Antivirus program itself doesn't seem to have any answers for me - the initial scan turned up clean and I can find no more information on the issues.

Google returns a closed topic from earlier this year (https://forum.eset.com/topic/14449-web-and-mail-protocol-filtering-is-non-functional/) - this has a solution at the very bottom, but the files mentioned return "Installation failed" when I try the suggested solution. Alternatively, I'd be happy to uninstall NOD32 Antivirus, install ESET Internet Security uninstall that, and reinstall NOD32 to send an admin the file mentioned in that thread, but I'd prefer to confirm that's an option before going through that process.

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Unfortunately, without further logs it's impossible to tell what the issue is.

The best would be if you could temporarily install EIS, enable network protection advanced logging, reboot the machine, disable logging and then collect ELC logs for analysis.

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Thanks for the confirmation Marcos. I've gone ahead and uninstalled NOD32 and installed EIS. It is alerting me to the same two issues as NOD32 (phishing and protocol filtering) as well as now listing Firewall, Network attack protection, and Botnet protection as non-functional.

Unfortunately under Tools there is no "Network protection advanced logging" as you mention above, nor "advanced firewall logging under Tools -> Diagnostics" as you mentioned in the previous thread. In fact, there is no Diagnostics menu under Tools. Instead, I have:

  1. Log files (0 detected threats)
  2. Running processes
  3. Security report
  4. Watch activity
  5. Network connections
  6. ESET SysInspector
  7. Scheduler
  8. ESET SysRescue Live
  9. System cleaner
  10. Submit sample for analysis
  11. Quarantine

Thanks again for the quick response, and please let me know how I can collect ESET Log Collector logs for your analysis.

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To enable "network protection advanced logging" from the main EIS gui, go to setup>advanced setup>tools>diagnostics. You'll find it there.



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Thank you for the clear instructions on locating network protection advanced logging, TomFace. I've downloaded ESET Log Collector from Marcos' signature, and will send the default Collection profile in a PM.

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