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MS Outlook 2016 "Sync Issues" and "Confilcts"


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Running Office 365 on MS Exchange Server.  Finding that most mail gets copied to Sync Issues=> Conflict folder.  Reading leads me to believe the ESET is writing something to the file during it's scan.  I have seen some older post for similar issue and the 2 solutions were to disable email protection and to disable wring the tags (Append tag messages...).

Tried disabling the tags which did not resolve the issue.  Expected this as tags are only being written to infected items. 

Disabling email scanning is not really a acceptable option, but does address the issue.  I did disable ESET and the conflict issue appears to stop.

FWIW, we also have a "Shared" mailbox which we send a BCC of all in and out mail to.  Much of what I see in my Conflicts folder is mail from other users which is really annoying and voluminous.  When I disable my email checking I do not get other users Sync issues in my folders.

Are there any current options to still scan email, but not generate all these conflicts?  I have no issues with generating messages for problem mail of any type, but the good stuff I would like to remedy.

ESET Endpoint Anti-virus: 6.6.2072.2

Example of Conflict Resolution for a rejected item:

15:40:21 Message class: {SU:IPM.Note}
15:40:21 Mail Conflict Resolution
15:40:21 Local subject: {SU:test 6}
15:40:21 Remote subject: {SU:test 6}
15:40:21 Local Message Entry ID: {CB:70, LPB:0x00000000EB6D72072C208048BDF76C59F37403730700D645F051D052E04DAC3C6B961ADF821B00000000010C0000D645F051D052E04DAC3C6B961ADF821B0002D86401800000}
15:40:21 Remote Message Entry ID: {CB:70, LPB:0x00000000D9A74E6FE681954597CD9A398681E9820700D645F051D052E04DAC3C6B961ADF821B00000000010C0000D645F051D052E04DAC3C6B961ADF821B0002D86401800000}
15:40:21 Local Message ChgKey: {CB:20, LPB:0x91C8ADB300D96141B63EC40395AB03CE0036E756}
15:40:21 Remote Message ChgKey: {CB:22, LPB:0xD645F051D052E04DAC3C6B961ADF821B0002D8B6198D}
15:40:21 Local Message PCL: {CB:44, LPB:0x1491C8ADB300D96141B63EC40395AB03CE0036E75616D645F051D052E04DAC3C6B961ADF821B0002D8B6198A}
15:40:21 Remote Message PCL: {CB:23, LPB:0x16D645F051D052E04DAC3C6B961ADF821B0002D8B6198D}
15:40:21 Checking local modifications
15:40:21 Compare property: 0x007D001F
15:40:21 Ignore property: 0x3FFA001F
15:40:21 Compare named property: EsetMessageFlag
15:40:21 Compare named property: Emon Scanner Build
15:40:22 Getting remote properties
15:40:22 Checking remote modifications
15:40:22 Compare (conflict) property: 0x007D001F
15:40:22 Not equal (conflict) property: 0x007D001F
15:40:22 Local modification: {19:40:17.0073  20/08/2018 [DD/MM/YYYY]}
15:40:22 Remote modification: {19:40:21.0684  20/08/2018 [DD/MM/YYYY]}
15:40:22 Conflict generated, remote item is winner


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In this case it's the PR_TRANSPORT_MESSAGE_HEADERS_W property which is in conflict. The property contains transport-specific message envelope information for email and this modification cannot be avoided. If email is scanned on the mail server, disable integration with MS Outlook.

As of Enpoint 7.1, processing email messages will be completely revamped and will ultimately prevent sync issues from occurring.

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Thank you Marcos for the info. 

We have an Office 365 E3 subscription which includes malware, connection and spam filtering. 

ESET is basically set at default.  It does include "phishing", which is my highest pain point today.

I would like to believe that MS is pretty good at this, but not clear.  I am definitely getting a few phishing emails a day.

I can say that I have never had any email in my "Infected" folder (which I believe is the ESET created folder), but not clear that the product even attempts to identify Phishing mail (as opposed to phishing sites)

Is ESET helping me with email?

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I assume you're running Office 365 Outlook with the email service (Exchange Online) that is included with your E3 subscription and not a local Exchange server while the "malware, connection and spam filtering" you mentioned is EOP.

I have not had to deal with this issue myself but it is something that MS has had trouble with for years.  

In the past, some people (not specifically ESET users) have commented that by deleting and recreating your email account on the problem computer solves this issue.  This is a common solution to many of Outlook's weird behaviors and you might want to give this a shot.

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