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Unusual Update Bug


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Discovered a non-compromising, but program GUI flaw which may correct itself soon, but was unsure whether a fix was left out on purpose or if one might need to be added in a future update.


Scenario :
One of my desktops had a CMOS battery failure. This morning a transformer blew in my neighborhood, causing power outage for a few hours. When I powered on my desktop I did not notice the time discrepancy on the windows time clock. It showed the year as 2007.

ESET updated its virus definitions and a timestamp of 2007 has now been entered into the .dat or .ini file that sets last successful update.

After correcting the time on my windows Clock and restarting, I still have the red ESET borders and icon stating virus definitions are out of date and need to be updated. After manually updating, the problem persists. A second restart or logoff does not resolve the issue.


I assume it will be corrected at the time the program contacts the update servers and receives a new package of definitions, thus changing the timestamp.


Thanks and pictures are attached for reference.




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This seems to be long time known problem with ESET.


We are calling it "ESET BIOS batery problem", because it usualy happens when BIOS batery is empty.

Sometime it also happens when user changes System date to some old date (remember bookkeepers  :)  ).

Once I even saw this when some adware/spyware changed System date


Last year mr. Gorecky wrote here on forum good workaraound solution about it, hope it can help someone else.


We hope that ESET product guys are going to solve this one day...

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