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SSL cert valid with endpoint v6 but invalid with v7


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We use a wildcard certificate for one of our intranet sites.

1.Without andpoint the certificate seems valid.


2.Up to the latest version of endpoint v6 the certificate works and seems valid in both chrome and firefox.


3.When we installed the new version of endpoint v7 (7.0.2073.1) the certificates seems invalid in both chrome and firefox.

Please advice.





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Try the following:
- disable SSL/TLS filtering
- make sure that no browser or email client is running (check the task manager to make sure)
- re-enable SSL/TLS filtering so that a new ESET root certificate is generated

Does that resolve the issue?

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I followed the above steps and the issue still remains.

Also I test it from another computer the same ssl and I get the same results.


Update: After two computer reboots (1st) computer the ssl seems valid

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