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Can anyone tell me about virusradar,does virusradar has anything to do with the actual virus updates.I have the lastest virus signature,9239 but viruradar is still reading dec 9236?Thank you very much and Happy New Year to All

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Guest tomazyk

Where are you going for this virus radar ?


Virus radar has nothing to do with virus updates.

He is talking about ESET's Virusradar which also shows information about latest updates. Here is a link: hxxp://www.virusradar.com/en/update/info


I guess they will have to open new year (2014). Now you can only check updates for years 2008-2013.

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This is also virus radar.

Thought he was referring to this.


Yes the drop down menu box stops at 2013, so this will probably be updated later Chris.

Your still going to received updates from the threat team through the program.


Thanks toma

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Thank to all of you I do have the lastest virus update.Now I see that virusradar has nothing to do with the updates I receive.I guess its' just some informative information?Thanks to all of you again. 

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  • ESET Moderators


The Virus Radar web site is where a lot of ESET's automated or semi-automated information (virus signature database updates, threat encyclopedia, LiveGrid telemetry, etc.) gets published.

It is in the process of getting overhauled (hence the "beta" on the home page) and sometimes a script or cron job needs to get restarted.

The site is actually not tied to the virus signature database delivery infrastructure, which is why you sometimes you may have a newer version than what is listed on that site.


You can also check the ESET Threat Center section of the main site, which parses the virus signature database update data using a different mechanism, in case you think the Virus Radar web site is stuck or not updating.




Aryeh Goretsky

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