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Happy New Year to ESET and everybody here.


To ESET - thanks for making a product that works and I cannot tell it is running. Jumped ship from Kaspersky and cannot see myself going back. Their mods are (being polite) 'not nice' or helpful and their software causes problems. They just manage to sort them our then they come out with another version and have to start again.


To everybody here - by helping to keep the place friendly.


Here's to a malware and virus-free 2014.


L'chaim, Na Zdorovie and cheers!



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Thank you Dr Teeth for your kind words.

I am anxious as well to tackle the tribulations that come in 2014.


Happy new year to everyone here on the forums and to ESET staff as well.


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Happy New Year to each and everyone on the eset forum, moderators,members,and guest.May we have a fruitful,and prosperous up and coming New Year.Thanks to all of you.       .   

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