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Open chrome on your computer.
Click on the three-item menu in the upper right corner and then on the new Incognito screen.
A new window opens. At the top left is the Inkognitosymbol incognito mode.
You can also open an incognito window by using a keyboard shortcut:

Windows, Linux and Chrome OS: Press CTRL + SHIFT + N.
Mac: Press ⌘ + SHIFT + N.
You can switch between Inkognitofenstern and normal chrome windows. However, you will only be browsing private if you are using an incognito.

End Private Browsing
Incognito mode runs in a separate window, separated from your normal chrome windows.

If an incognito window is open and you open another, your private browsing session will continue in the new pane. Close all Incognitos to exit Incognito:

On your computer, go to your incognito.
Close the window:
Windows or Chrome OS: Click the close icon in the upper right corner.
Mac: Click the close icon in the upper left corner.
What happens when you surf privately
Your browser history, cookies, and Web site data or information entered in forms are not stored by chrome.
Downloaded files and bookmarked bookmarks are preserved.
For the websites you visit, your employer or your Your educational institution and your Internet provider will continue to see your activities.

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What do you mean "Eset crashes?" Nothing should be able to do that.

Does Eset indicate it is non-functional? If so, post a screen shot.

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3 minutes ago, galaxy said:

And if you activate it and end it, crashes the Mobileapp

So you mean, the app crashes but not Eset?

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