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Windows 8.1 & Windows Defender w/ ESS 7

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Hey guys,


Just purchased my license for ESS 7 to use on my new PC.  The PC is running out-of-the-box Windows 8.1.

Prior to installing ESS 7 is it necessary to disable Windows Defender or is that handled automatically during the installation process.


I've seen where some folks have had to manually disable it and others where they didn't bother...  My questions is basically what it is CORRECT way to install ESS 7?


Any help would be most appreciated.

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Hello.  :)


Yes it could be handled automatically and defender should get disabled without any user input during 3'rd party AV installation.

If for some reason that doesn't happen automatically then you can disable/turn off manually of course.


If you wish to disable manually before or after the ESS install that would work fine too afaik.


This post may be useful too: https://forum.eset.com/topic/1632-how-to-remove-windows-defender/?p=9326

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always disable it! thats the first thing I do when I format my systsem. It's useless anyway and never catches anything but false positives.


Having 2 security products on and active at the same time is only asking for trouble

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Everything is installed and working perfectly.  ESS 7 rocks!

It actually disabled Windows Defender automatically as part of the install - I wasn't expecting that.


I'm very please with how things are working now.

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