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Remote Administration - Info

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Hi all,

I'm about to start working on remote administration in my company.

Can anyone help me by giving me some knowledge to start with?

What do i need to know? How do i start?

What are the important things to know about this?


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  • Administrators

Please provide us with more information, such as how many machines you have in the company, whether they are at one or different places and whether ERA / Endpoint is already installed on them or whether a different security solution is installed and you want to migrate them to ESET.

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thanks for your quick answer.

I'm working at a company that provides IT services to companies, i can't tell how many machines cause there's alot of them.

all of the companies that in our responsibility using Remote Administration 4.5-5.

Eventually i'll need to create a basic policy for all of those companies but with slight changes one from the other.

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You should know how many computers will go to Your console, as it a matter of resources. From my point of view, You should start learning new console from scratch. Install one of them on Your testing hardware, install agent on other testing computer and start to play with it. Console in version 6 is way different than it was in version 5. It's similar in some cases to active directory managing.

Also there will be some complications :

  • are there any other local administrators or only You ?
  • do You want to have control over those environments and eset agents on those PC or not
  • and many many more

If Your environment going to be in enterprise scale, I belive that linux version of console will better perform. There is also large KB available for download...so go check it out :)

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  • ESET Staff

Hello @Elad.y I would also suggest that you contact our local distributor in Israel, Comsecure, as they might be able to assist you with migration to V6 and provide guidance, about how to do it in the way that suits your needs. But it would be still interesting for us to understand your mode of operation. Are you also a reseller of ESET products? Or the customers you manage have their own licenses. Maybe, would be willing to participate on a short call with ESET representatives, concerning your operations and scope of work?

Thank you.  Michal

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