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eset internet security 11 delete advanced systemcare 11

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It's either a Deceptor or PUA. If PUA, you must have opted for detection of potentially unwanted applications. If you think that benefits of using a particular PUA outweigh possible risks, you can exclude such application from detection via the advanced options in the yellow alert windows -> Exclude signature from detection.

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4 hours ago, mahmood.hashmabady said:

If I remove the tick potentially unwanted applications  eset internet security
My system is not endangered?

Employ a bit of deductive log here. Eset would not have created the option if they felt it would not prevent unwanted process behavior on your system.

Putting PUA allow/block activity in the user' hands is more of a legal strategy than a preventive one. Translated to the simplest level, Eset is informing you of prior observed unwanted activities by the software itself or its developer. It is your decision to ignore Eset's classification if you so desire. This also means if you chose to ignore Eset's classification, you can only blame yourself for any undesirable consequences of your allow decision.

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