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Error communicating with kernel shortly after boot, one-time event?


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Dell OptiPlex 755

Windows 7 SP1 x64

ESET NOD 32 AV x64 7.0.302.26


This morning, I booted my computer and everything seemed to be normal. About 5 minutes after logging on, an audible "ding" sounded from the system with the ESET error message "Error communicating with kernel."


I clicked OK on the dialogue box, and Windows offered me the option to "allow the program to run" or not. I allowed.


Tried to restart ESET, the "Error communicating with kernel" error popped up again, this time immediately. Clicked OK again, Windows again offered to safelist the program, which I did.


At this point, I did not try to reload ESET. I rebooted the computer and everything seems to be operating normally. No error messages, EICAR test passed, manual scanning working normally, virus definitions are automatically updating and are current.


There are no log entries in ESET indicating that there was an issue.


Windows event viewer logged the following (upon the first boot when the error occurred):


1) Error: A timeout was reached (3000 milliseconds) while waiting for the ESET Service service to connect


2) Error: The ESET Service service failed to start due to the following error: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion


Both errors are timestampled 07:33:09 Eastern


Before the first error dialogue appeared, the only thing I had done with the system was log on. No programs launched, etc. The only thing I can determine is that, potentially, something went wrong during a definition update (my other system had a slightly newer definition when booting up just a few minutes later).


Again, upon rebooting the system -- everything seems fine.


Please advise so as to avoid a future occurrence.


Thank you.

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Unfortunately, it would be impossible to troubleshoot it if it happened just once and you're unable to reproduce it any more. If the issue was occurring on a regular basis, perhaps a Process monitor boot log might shed more light.

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