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Memory Leak on SS8 and IS11 still a problem

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Hi. I need help, urgently because i was using Eset SS 8 (8.0.312.3)  and later, IS11 when i updated, but i have a problem with RAM usage of Eset Kernel and Services.

looking on taskmgr i found the problem is on svchost.exe ram usage before analysis is done and when analysis is over 10%. on 99% its gets stuck

i tried by forcing close to svchost and my system gets hang a litte time and ram is over 1GB again when normal ram is about 600-700mb without analysis

When i do an scan, both versions uses a lot, a great portion of my ram and get my system too slow and ram usage doesn't get low after analysis is done.

My system is running


Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 X64

Core 2 Duo T6600 @2.2Ghz


Intel GMA935 with latest drivers



and never had this problem using other AV solutions like Comodo or Malwarebytes Antimalware.

The solution i found is RESET my computer but i dont want to do it every time.


i put my version below (is in spanish):



Base de datos de firmas de virus: 17858 (20180809)

Módulo de respuesta rápida: 12627 (20180809)

Módulo de actualización: 1069 (20161122)

Módulo de exploración antivirus y antispyware: 1541.1 (20180803)

Módulo de heurística avanzada: 1188 (20180422)

Módulo de soporte de archivos comprimidos: 1277 (20180727)

Módulo de desinfección: 1161 (20180723)

Módulo de soporte de Anti-Stealth: 1138 (20180625)

Módulo de firewall: 1378 (20180509)

Módulo antispam: 1029 (20141103)

Módulo ESET SysInspector: 1273 (20180523)

Módulo de protección del sistema de archivos en tiempo real: 1014 (20160223)

Módulo de soporte de traducción: 1701 (20180712)

Módulo de soporte HIPS: 1324 (20180712)

Módulo de protección de Internet: 1331.1 (20180517)

Módulo de filtrado del contenido de la Web: 1051 (20160412)

Módulo antispam avanzado: 7768 (20180808)

Módulo de la base de datos: 1098 (20180530)

Módulo de comunicación de LiveGrid: 1047 (20180717)

Módulo del limpiador especializado: 1012 (20160405)

Detección del rootkit y módulo de limpieza: 1019 (20170825)

Módulo de protección de red: 1676 (20180710)

Módulo de soporte para el protocolo criptográfico: 1028 (20180626)


Is there any solution? because LATEST VERSION of Internet Security has the same problem and eats more resources than ess 8


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Whether or not there is an issue with ESS v8, only basic support is being provided and v8 will reach its EOL in Dec 2018.

Basic support means:

  • Availability of regular detection engine updates
  • Availability of modules updates is not guaranteed
  • A product is no longer available for download from ESET download servers
  • Technical support is no longer available, no bugs will be fixed

We strongly recommend using v11.

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i updated to IS v11 when Eset SS says there is a new update and the problem still the same. The ram consuption when analysis is running gets more than 90% of my ram. Also, using IS11, the system get more slow. that the reason of my downgrade.

i tried to install microsoft hotfix but doesn't nothing to fix my ram consuption problem

thanks anyway

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1, How much memory does ekrn.exe from v11 allocate according to the task manager?
2, As for the performance issue, does pausing protection (especially real-time protection) make a difference?

Please configure Windows to generate complete memory dumps as per https://support.eset.com/kb380/. When you notice a memory leak, please manually trigger a crash to generate a dump. When done, compress it, upload it to Dropbox, Onedrive, etc. and provide me with a download link. Also provide logs collected with ELC.

Problems with svchost.exe are not caused by ESET. In the past it used to be an issue caused by Windows Update. I've found the following tip:
1, Configure Windows Update to never install updates
2, Reboot the pc
3, Install the following updates (in this order): KB3177467, KB3172605
4, Reboot the pc
5, Enable Windows updates.

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1- more than 1.9 GB of installed RAM (2GB) there is a problem with svchost.exe who manage Aero Functions and other services that i don't know by the moment.

2- there is not change until i force close to svchost.exe or force close of eset antivirus. or reset my computer. normal use is about 600-990mb but when memory leak occurs it takes more than 1 gb only by svchost.exe process (who manage Windows Services)

i have updates disabled since i installed windows so i don't think it was the problem



Ok. I will try to make a complete dump and send it to support link. when i do it (or when memory leak occurs) i will reply again this topic.

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I fixed the problem by disabling some functions on eset configuration:

1- eset live grid (i only disabled Send anonymous stats and send files)
2- System updates notifications are off
3- inactive state detection (disabled)

it also get solved by the moment with some module updates.

i found the problem was after updating virus database

anyway this is a problem of Windows more than the antivirus.

if it happens again i will send a full dump by using the link you shared with me


Thanks for the help

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Check your Win 7 page file size. Make it 4 GB; i.e. 2 x installed memory size. See if that helps. 

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Make sure that LiveGrid is enabled. It's a fundamental functionality to ensure fast response to new borne malware. It shouln't have any effect on the discussed issue.

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