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Webcam Protection NOT WORKING

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Hi, I've posted this on another thread because it's really worrying but don't seem to have a solution for it or an explanation.

I´m running Eset Internet Security 11.2.49 on a Win10 X64 version in the Insiders Preview ring -the one with the patch that solved Eset's problem- and even though Eset registers with the Security Center, protection doesn't seem to be all there.

Devices Control and Webcam protection are not working for me. I'm running this version of windows on an OMEN15 laptop with Windows Hello built in.

Before all the problems introduced that caused Eset's antivirus to stop working; because of the webcam protection, I had (gladly) to create a rule for Svchost.exe so that Hello would work, a rule for the Camera to work, a rule for Opera to be able to access the camera (don't ask) and all was fine, any other app would not be able to access it because of Eset.

Now, despite it being "working" again, any app can access the camera, no matter what I put the service on and, also, when I select the option to create a rule, the window closes and that's it.

I really would like an answer from someone at Eset about this, otherwise I would have to uninstall it, I really don't think it's working correctly.

EDIT, upgraded to version 17730.1000 of RS5 and the problem persists.

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New versio, same problem.
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