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Flatpak & Advanced Application Compatibility Issue - Can You Please Add Ignore List Feature To Your Library - ld.so.preload - libesets_pac.so

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NOD32 is not compatilbe with flatpak

Issue : flatpak does not launch gui application when used with classic user (but work with root)... flatpak does not return any error it just does not start 

Cause NOD32 uses /etc/ld.so.preload to inject its library on all apps... but it's causing problem with flatpak disabling this injection resolve the issue 

Probable Real Cause May be it's because of advanced usage of userspace kernel feature from flatpak 

Request  Can you please add a feature in "libesets_pac.so" and the gui to disable injection for some applications ? 

Note :  ld.so.preload is not intended for the usage that NOD32 is doing with it, normally nod32 would of use its own kernel module or on-access scanning via the now-defunct Dazuko kernel module or something else, but it's somehow a lot of work for the developer, so adding an "ignore list" with the current system would be easy to do if its not a lot asking... awaiting future version that would correct that issue for good with a correct implementation



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it's not an issue it's a bug in your application, i know how to solve it i just reported here to let the developer know 


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