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Mobile Security License Renewal Issue

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I'm an Eset reseller and regularly renew clients Eset licenses for windows based devices. This works great in that it requires no action by the user (or by me!). The next time Eset checks for signature updates it picks up the extended date on the license and all is well.

I have a single client who uses "Eset Mobile Security Business Edition" on a Blackberry Priv device, (Android Marshmallow i believe)
Their license expired on the 1st July, i renewed it on the 9th July however even today the device it still saying the license has expired.
So it appears the mobile security app does not pick up the renewed license in the way Windows versions of Eset do.

1. Is this normal?

2. What needs to be done to get the app to recognise the renewed license?

We had similar trouble last year and on that occasion we ended up having to re-install Eset which was problematic and worrying. Worrying, becuase at one point i seemed stuck unable to remove the app and i started to wonder if i was going to have to reset the Priv. I'd rather avoid going down this road again if possible, surely this shouldn't be necessary?

Note: we do have an Eset Admin mode password set which the user doesn't know, is admin mode required to force the license to update? We also have "uninstallation protection" enabled and Eset is a "Device administrator" should either be relevant.


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I would suggest contacting your local ESET branch / distributor since license details will need to be checked first.

While our security products for Windows check for license changes every 5 minutes through DNS requests, this is not possible on mobile phones. I reckon that EMS checks for license updates once or twice a day at maximum.

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Marcos, the license is showing up OK in my partner portal, shows an expiry date of July 2019. By what you have said it sounds as though EMS should recognise the license renewal within a day or two as a worst case, so presumably something must be blocking this process for this particular client/device.

I have submitted a support request via the UK customer care site.

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I'm glad to get some open counciencous update on the issue of my License activation key to be Finished on a good note to answer the question about an experience that I was at a crossroads and I have ESet com app Google premium online is a game changer  !

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