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ESET Mobile Security reinstall cannot active

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my mobile phone's Premium ESET Mobile Security ( showing "You are protected") which is hidden in the pull-down menu in the upper part of my phone Home screen frequently disappers. Moreover, the Anti-Phishing funcation is disabled, too. I have to go into my Apps menu and touch ESET Mobile Security icon to manually make ESET Mobile Security reappear in the pull-down menu, then I also need to reenable Anti-Phishing function. What is happening to my ESET Mobile Security and my mobile phone? Is my phone infected with virus? Could you help me resolve these issues as quickly as possible, please? Thanks!

Screenshot_2018-07-25 = ESET 消失.png

Screenshot_2018-07-25 = 正常情況.png

Screenshot_2018-07-25 = 重新啟動後.png

Screenshot_2018-07-25 = 重新啟動後的首頁.png

Screenshot_2018-07-26 = Permanent Notification 都有 Enabled.png

Screenshot_2018-07-26 Anti-Phishing Disabled.png

Screenshot_2018-07-26 ESET Mobile Security Acitivation Error Message.png

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It is necessary to contact customer care using the built-in form in order for logs to be submitted for analysis of the activation issue. When reporting issues on mobile phones, we need to know the phone type and brand as well as the version of Android that is installed.

In order for Anti-phishing to work, EMS must have accessibility services enabled in the Android setup.


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This is due to the settings and can be fixed so that must be allowed in the settings and is not a bug, at the top of the picture is allow to see, click and allow in the settings, and then it goes

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