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Let me explain. I have the latest Smart Security installed on a Windows 10 pro Insider Preview Build 17713.rs5_release.180706-1551 and as soon as the build installed, Eset Stopped Working.

I have been running Eset on this PC with Insider Builds for ever and never got this kind of issues. 

I really need this to work.


EDIT The problem is that Eset doesn't register with the Windows Security Center. 

Another Edit: I'm in the Slow ring, so it's been like a month since the last big update, never saw this kind of behavior from Eset. }

Repairing the install or reinstalling the product does NOT work.


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39 minutes ago, SCR said:

I believe this is an ongoing discussion in another thread. You may find some information here: https://forum.eset.com/topic/16132-eset-internet-security-not-wotking-on-windows-insider-17713/

Thanks. I didn't see that, but I was using eset with no problems on some of the builds posted on that thread.... still, I will refer to it to keep things in the same place. 

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To avoid having multiple topics on the same subject, we'll draw this one to a close. Please continue in the linked topic.

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